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We all know that most recordings are made in recording studios. And most people realize that recording studios are specially built to have good room acoustics. But many people don't consider the importance of room acoustics for the playback of music. Well designed and implemented acoustic treatment can make any good system sound considerably better.

And if the goal is to reproduce film, a good room design needs well controlled lighting, as well as proper acoustics. A properly designed home theater takes the reproduction of a video or film to a significantly higher level.

When a client has the freedom to build a new room (either through new construction, an addition, or through remodeling), we can adopt a comprehensive approach to realizing outstanding performance in that room. This approach carefully designs:

  • The dimensions and shape of the room, which form the basic acoustics of the room, particularly in the bass region.
  • The techniques and materials used in the construction of the room, which determine the resonant, sound transmission, and sound isolation properties of the room boundaries.
  • The acoustic treatments within the room, which given the dimensions, shape, and construction of the room, refine the bass characteristics of the room, and define the midrange and treble acoustics of the room.
  • The electrical system, so that the utility company can deliver the highest quality power to the audio components. Also, in some cases the design of the electrical system may need to reduce the electrical noise from external sources, such as television transmitters, industrial equipment, or computers.
  • The heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) system, so that noise isn't introduced into the room. If soundproofing is desired so that the music room doesn't disturb others in the house, then we also can offer consultation on the design the HVAC system for sound isolation.

And for home theaters, we additionally consider:

  • Lighting and lighting control. Lighting is the intentional addition of artificial light with the goal being of not hindering the video system's performance. Lighting control is the elimination of external light to prevent the degradation of the system's performance.
  • Sight lines, which need to be considered so that everyone can see the entire frame of the movie.
Floor, wall, and ceiling color also are important considerations. There are obviously both technical and aesthetic trade-offs that sometimes need to be made. We work very closely with your architect and interior designer to make whatever trade-offs are necessary be as non-deleterious as possible to system performance. If you are selecting colors yourself here is a link that you might find useful however we suggest that you utilize the services of a design professional if at all possible.

Tip: It's much easier to build a great sounding room than it is to make any old room sound great. We suggest that you involve us early in the design process ― ideally before any plans have been drawn up or any room dimensions have been decided upon!

For more information on each of the individual topics you can click on the links above.

We offer our design and consulting services to those who wish to build their own dream room. If you are one of those lucky few, you are invited to call and arrange an appointment to speak to us about your project.


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