Rockport Technologies

Goodwin's High End was one of the very first dealers for the Rockport line of speakers. After visiting the factory and hearing them, it was obvious to us that many of our clients would love to base their system around these beautiful speakers. Not only is the sound great, but the design and finish are top notch. The fact is that many speakers from other companies don't really look like they belong in a fine home. But when you look at the graceful lines and incredibly high quality paint job on these speakers you can immediately see that they would do justice to any fine home!

You are of course welcome to visit us and hear them for yourself. After all, hearing is believing!


Here is the current Rockport line-up:





      Arrakis [Bi-Amplified]

If you would like to upgrade your present speakers you're invited to stop by and give them a listen. Once you hear them for yourself then you'll understand why they are regarded so highly!

You can also see some of the previous Rockport models below:

      Mira Monitor


      Mira Center/Center Woofer

     Mira Grand II





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