Using the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch for remote control

There are a number of apps available from the Apple app store for the iPhone and iPod Touch which can be used to wirelessly remote control a variety of things via WiFi.


There are also some dedicated designed specifically to match the resolution of your iPad touchscreen.

If you are using JRiver Media Center software on a music server and you wish to have wireless remote control the iPad, just like the iPhone and iPod Touch, can be used as a remote control. The app that we recommend, and which we use here in the store, is —and there are versions for both the iPad and iPhone/iPod.

In addition other manufacturerssuch as Crestron, Naim, as well as many othershave apps that allow you to use the iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. as a wireless remote controller. For instance is a link to the Naim HDX music server app.

There are also some iPad apps such as which is like running a Windows interface on an iPad. In addition others like are available. There will of course be more iPad-specific apps as well as more iPhone/iPod Touch apps forthcoming.

With regard to the iPad remote link, you should know that if you are using many apps for controlling individual devices, it can be a bit painful to control multiple devices in a system from a single iPad. For example:

1) Opening an app to turn on your receiver and select the input
2) Closing that app
3) Opening another app to control your music server
4) Closing that app
5) Reopening your receiver app to adjust the volume.
6) Closing that app
7) Opening the music server app back up to skip a track
8) etc.
It is also worth mentioning that people sometimes opt for the single Crestron app which can be programmed to control all the devices without having to juggle all of these "iPad remotes."  It is almost worse than juggling actual remotes since apps can take longer to switch between than might be desirable.


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