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Goodwin's High End - Listening Room No. 3

In 1995, we began construction of our current facility here in Waltham, MA. We selected an industrial building with concrete floors, a very high ceiling, and plenty of electrical power. Working with an architect, we created an interesting and efficient floor plan that accommodates 6 showrooms, a reception area, an office area, and a warehouse. With our extensive experience in room acoustics, we carefully designed, planned, and constructed our showrooms. These rooms are actually free-standing; the walls and ceiling do not touch the actual outside shell of the building or any adjacent rooms. Using special materials and techniques, the construction crew built anti-resonant walls that are appropriately (but not too) rigid. We prevented excess inter-room sound transmission by employing special HVAC ductwork, special room sealants, custom doors, and special glass.

Using a computer, Alan Goodwin calculated and planned the room dimensions so that the showrooms would function well and sound great. By carefully distributing the room modes, he prevented any unnecessary room colorations. Extensive acoustic room treatments were employed to further control the low frequency response of the room, as well as treat slap echo and first-order reflections. Because we treated each room somewhat differently, we can select a demonstration room to simulate your room in your home.

By going to these extensive efforts, we are able to offer extremely neutral listening environments in which to perform your evaluations. You can accurately hear the differences between the components that you are considering, without having to listen through confusing room colorations.


Custom Installation Gallery

Goodwin's High End has worked with many clients to analyze, design, specify, and supervise the construction of listening rooms and home theaters. Projects have ranged from ultra-high quality two-channel audio systems to multi-channel true home theaters to whole-house music systems. When we become involved early in your construction project, ideally before the blueprints are finalized, we can ensure that the final system is acoustically and esthetically optimal for your needs.

High End Stereo System installed in a Modern Living Room

Featured in Architectural Digest, this system was installed in a wonderful multi-floor Back Bay residence in Boston. In addition to the high end stereo system featuring top Spectral, dCS, and Wilson components as shown below in the main room—in other areas there are also two surround home theaters, another high end Spectral stereo system, as well as outdoor speakers on the private roof deck. Along with this we installed and programmed a full Crestron system in order to control everything.


Custom-Built Listening Room for Stereo Music / Home Theater

This award winning room has a comprehensive custom acoustic treatment done by us. The system is a reference Spectral stereo system which can also function as a surround music system as well as a home theater with surround sound. It features Rockport speakers and the equipment is situated on a 5-shelf high by 3-bay wide Harmonic Resolution shelf system.

Goodwin's High End - Custom Acoustic Room Treatment


Custom-Built Acoustically Treated Listening Room w/ High End Spectral Stereo System

PAL Treatment


Media Storage Room

Above are two photos of the adjoining equipment room which also contains shelves for the music collection.

Custom-Built Acoustically Treated Listening Room featuring Magico Ultimates!

The entire custom-built acoustic treatment was built here in the Boston-area and then driven across the country to San Francisco and installed. It was quite a project!!!

Below is what the rear and side of the Magico Ultimates look like:


Dedicated Home Theater with Crestron Control

Home Theater - front angle view


rear angle view



Whole House Crestron System installed in a Cambridge home built by "THIS OLD HOUSE"

Notice that the flatscreen can disappear with a touch of a button. Then only the stereo floorstanding speakers are left visible for music listening in the Living Room.

The speakers are concealed—so the only thing visible in the Dining Room is the sideboard-mounted Crestron remote control.

In the Den as well, the only thing visible is the Crestron remote control.

For the Kitchen, the Crestron remote control is built-in to the wall for ease of access without taking up any counter space.

Dedicated Listening Room - Martin-Logan Statements with Spectral electronics

Our client built a dedicated listening room above his three-car garage. He selected top-of-the-line Martin-Logan Statements as his reference speaker as well as the Spectral Reference System for his electronics. In this installation, the Statement woofer towers and audio electronics are completely concealed in beautiful cherry cabinetry. The trim for the Statement panels was fabricated from his cabinetmaker's cherry stock; it matches the cabinetry perfectly.


All four walls of the room have coordinated built-in cabinets. Because of the matching trim, the speaker's electrostatic panels visually blend right into the room. From the listening position on the sofa, the black transition towers disappear into the rich blue background of the wallpaper. Also, behind each transparent electrostatic tower is a window. The listener can enjoy the wonderful view right through the speaker! The overall effect of the room is calm, relaxed, and esthetically pleasing.


Speakers Martin-Logan Statements with active crossover.
Amplifiers Pair Spectral Mono Amplifiers.
Preamplifier Spectral Preamplifier
Source Electronics Spectral CD Transport & D-A Converter.
Digital Equalizer/Preamp Z-Systems RDP-1
Power Conditioning Complete MIT Z-System. Three dedicated 20 amp AC circuits.
Cables MIT Reference cables.

High-End Multi-room System - Spectral components with Avalon speakers

Created for a "music-immersed" lifestyle, this installation features the spectacular Avalon Eidolon speakers and Spectral Reference electronics. Almost every room in this home is filled with music. As you walk from room to room, you can follow the piece of music, literally without missing a beat.

Different levels of performance were selected for each room, based upon the importance of listening in that room. For example, the living room has beautiful Avalon Eidolons in walnut cluster burl veneer, driven by Spectral Reference electronics. These high-resolution speakers blend in beautifully with the walnut-colored floor. Spectral/MIT speaker cables were carefully concealed in the walls and under the floor during construction. The room arrangement is flexible. From conformable club chairs at the other end of the room, the clients can listen to music, enjoy the view, watch TV, or read a book by the gentle northern light.

In the dining room and master bedroom, we unobtrusively slipped another pair of Avalon speakers into the floor plan. In these rooms, the speakers flank antique cabinets. In about a year, the color of these quilted-cherry speakers will mellow to a match the antiques.

The clients also spend many hours in their long and narrow home office. We positioned another pair of Avalon speakers on the short wall. This allows excellent listening from a variety of seating and working positions. Because of the importance of music in this room, the clients selected Spectral electronics for this application.

This installation required many electronic components in order to achieve the level of performance required. All the electronics are centrally-located in a handsome Billy Bags equipment rack tucked away in a closet. The architect's clever floorplan effectively hides the closet while maintaining convenient access to the equipment.

Source Electronics Spectral D-A Converter and CD Transport. Magnum Dynalab tuner.
Living Room Spectral preamplifier & power amplifier. Avalon speakers.
Dining Room and Master Bedroom A pair of Avalon speakers were carefully situated in each room.
Office/Den Spectral preamplifier & power amplifier. Avalon speakers.
Kitchen and Master Bath NAD multi-channel preamplifier & multi-channel amplifier, Triad In-Wall speakers (Kitchen), Elan waterproof speakers (Bathroom)
Power Conditioning Complete MIT Z-System. Two 20 amp dedicated AC circuits.
Cables MIT Reference cables for the living room. All other rooms have MIT cables as well.

Personal Preview Galleries

From time to time, we personalize previews of our work to highlight specific areas of interest for our clients. These password-protected pages are available only to the intended clients.


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